As in the Duett, Schardt plays with brilliant agility, crisp articulation and sharp wit, bringing the energy of period performance to these technically complex works. If violinists don´t follow and add this work to their repertoires, Schardt´s high spirited and brilliant performance can hardly be to blame.
Fanfare Magazine about the Suite for violin solo on SACD Ferdinand David music for violin and piano MDG

A fascinating and aurally delightful insight into the music of the violinist for whom Mendelssohn penned his greatest concerto...Indeed, Schardt&Vogler project an easy virtuositiy throughout that quite disarms the listeners critical faculties and smiles abound. about SACD Ferdinand David music for violin and piano MDG

Stephan Schardt played his solo with the virtuous enthusiasm and impeccable technique.
Kölnische Rundschau on the interpretation of the Quattro stagione by A. Vivaldi

The highlight of the evening was the Violin Concerto, during which the Cologne-based violinist Stephan Schardt could present himself in all his virtuosity. Schardt mastered the difficult passages of the Mozart concerto with apparent ease, and drew the enthusiastic audience at the Stadthaus in his spell.
Augsburger Allgemeine

With a wonderfully clear and dominant tone and technical ease, he tackled this lively work, reminiscent of Mozart in many of its passages, and enriched it with his own cadenzas.
Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten about the interpretation of the Concerto in A Flat by M. Haydn

The violinist Stephan Schardt not only proved his high technical abilities but also his deep understanding of art, especially in the second, lively set, where the contact with the conductor and the orchestra was truly admirable.
Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten about the interpretation of Violin Concerto No. 1 by B. Bartók

..The two violinists Goebel and Stephan Schardt succeed in delivering a smoothly sweeping, yet extremely precise and spirited interpretation of the six sonatas ...
NDR Kultur 21.02.2011 about the CD Johann Friedrich Meister Il giardino del piacere, Edel Audio 2011

..] Not only does each of the players have to master a variety of instruments (in addition to the standard violin, the violino piccolo, viola and viola d'amore), they are also almost required to perform acrobatic double stops and other difficult hand techniques ... Reinhard Goebel and Stephan Schardt master these unusual as well as sophisticated playing techniques with spectacular virtuosity. This does not result in a highly polished, rounded sound world, but a breathtaking plethora of effects and colorations, which allow Biber's experimental cycle to become a first class listening experience with dynamic gradations and embellishments and pure intonation. about the CD H.I.F. Biber: Harmonia Artificiosa, Deutsche Grammophon